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The Abbotsford Pilots support the families who were affected by the tragedy that happened on the Sunday morning of February 14th, 2021. We were deeply sadden to hear this news, and want to give back to those who have lost everything. Please join us in supporting the families, and see the link for the GoFund me page.

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A Message from the family:

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We are a young family with two boys, Thomas and Philip, who lost everything in a devastating fire last night (February 14, 2021, in Abbotsford - Delair Road). 

Now we have to start from scratch, like 10 years ago, when we emigrated to Canada - at least then we had two luggages and some clothes. 

The loss is tragically experienced by our kids, who lost all their belongings, books, toys, piano, pets- two fish, favourite hockey jerseys, Lego, etc.

We have only 4 days to find a new place to live and start over, again. Also, we have to buy essential items for our family, especially for this cold season. 

We appreciate every effort to support us and overcome this terrible time for our family. This is a time when we learn how to be grateful for the most simple human gestures and things in life!

Thank you!


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